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We make video production fun and easy.


Planning Your Project

We will work with you to determine the goals and details of your video. From here we will get to work on your creative concept and the logistics required to bring your vision to life. Elements such as the script, casting, locations, equipment, crew and shot list are all determined during this stage.

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Lights, Camera, Action!

On production day, we'll put our plan into action. This stage includes all set-up, ligthing, capturing all footage, B-roll, audio, voiceovers and more. If your project only requires stock footage or previously-shot footage, you’ll skip this step and move straight to post-production.


Final Edits

This is where everything is carefully woven together to tell your story. Editing, color correction, color grading, sound design and more are all done during this stage. Through collaborative review, version comparison and final approval, we're not happy until you're happy! Each final video is delivered within 2 weeks. 

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